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Galvanic Facial Treatments Kent

Galvanic Facial Treatments, a non invasive yet thoroughly effective electrotherapy procedure that makes mature skin feel smooth and youthful.

The treatment works by penetrating active ingredients into the sub surface tissues of the skin with the help of a small direct current. The procedure works on areas of poor circulation to improve them in that area of the skin. This aids the dispersion and elimination of the trapped fluid and fat by improving the function of the cellular membrane.

It suits all types of skin and delivers amazing results, over the long term reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It deeply cleanses and detoxifies by improving blood circulation increasing the oxygen supply. The treatment is also good for acne prone skin, enhances elasticity and hydration.

       Single 1 hour treatment:              £55
       Series of 3 x 1 hour treatments:  £120
       Series of 6 x 1 hour treatments:  £220 


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