Spa Massage

Our Massage Treatments - for individuals and couples at the same time

30 min treatments £39; 1 hour treatments £59; one hour and half £78

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Neck Head and Shoulders; 
A relaxing 30 minute de-stress massage with essential oils to unwind after a tense day.

Swedish Body massage;
A relaxing yet firm body workout developed unsurprisingly, in Sweden (by Per Hendrik Ling) to improve the body's harmonious development rather than strength and repair. Ideal to ease those day to day built up stresses, rebalancing!

Aromatherapy massage;
A holistic massage with it's origins in ancient Egypt and Greece using essential oils to de-stress & boost the health of mind, body and spirit, rejuvenating!

Hot Stone Massage; 
A deeply grounding and calming massage using hot basalt stones to promote relaxation and sooth muscular tension, developed in China and used by Romans, a well tested  'after battle' pain relieving relaxation therapy.

Deep Tissue Massage; Costs + £5 on standard rates. 
Designed  to release and reduce musculoskeletal pain and tension and is effective in helping with general back, neck, shoulder and leg pain. Our therapists can adjust the treatment to suit and relieve tension to relax.


Relaxing Massage
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