Face & Body Repair & Rejuvenation

Pavo Spa has introduced the very latest proven technology in face and body rejuvenation, with the Apollo Infinity one stop shop for all your beauty treatment needs.  Treatments include,

 - SHR - Super Hair removal - Better and less painful than IPL, more effective and less damage to surrounding skin

 - E-Light facial rejuvenation, non-abrasive stimulation of natural collagen to smooth and refine

 - Face and Body Rejuvenation - Bringing RF to boost collagen includes E-Light to stimulate the skin

 - Carbon Facial Treatments - by heating the carbon mask this replaces abrasive techniques in exfoliating and stimulates lower layers

 - Reduction and removal of blemishes, marks, wrinkles

 - Tattoo removal 

SHR - Super Hair Removal

 is a new technology of permanent hair removal which has been hailed a huge success. It's effective by heating the skin gradually, once heated the laser then fragments the hair follicles so preventing re-growth, it's very precise so avoids injury to the surrounding tissue. Unlike IPL it uses a high number of energy pulses into the skin, overall it achieves better results faster. 

LASER Skin treatments

The equipment uses the laser to emit high energy to break up abnormal pigmentation, colour, of tissues. The pigment becomes shallow gradually disappearing while the surrounding normal skin tissues remain undamaged as they do not absorb this particular wavelength laser. A perfect solution to addressing blemishes to tattoo removal.

RF Treatment

Tissue tightening with the Bi-polar RF is the newest and most advanced non-laser, radio frequency (RF) system available. Bi-polar RF with FACES (Functional Aspiration Controlled Electro-thermal Stimulation) delivers radio frequency energy deep into the dermal layer. The RF energy gently heats the soft tissues beneath the skin and causes the collagen to contract and tighten. Each treatment is customised for the client through the system’s advanced computer controlling the depth of the heating process

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