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Body Therapies

Wrap & Glow

A detailed and enriching treatment whereby our exfoliation treatment with essential salts exposes new skin which absorbs the seaweed based lotion through the wrap process improving the texture and appearance by helping to rid the body of excess fluids and toxins as it warms and takes in the rich nutrients of the seaweed, minerals and oils. Benefits include temporary inch-loss, skin tightening, smoothing and softening, boosting the lymphatic system and metabolism as well as body shaping improvements.

We offer a single treatment or series of treatments to achieve the desired effect

                 Single Treatment            £64

                 Series of 6 treatments  £44 each

Reflexology £30 approx 30 minute treatment time

Reflexology is a safe, natural, holistic treatment based on the principle that all organs, glands and structures of the body have a corresponding reflex point on the feet. Using special pressure techniques, imbalances can be detected and may be felt as areas of tenderness during the treatment. Reflexology revitalises and supplies the body with energy on all levels allowing the body’s natural healing ability to function efficiently. It can be a deeply relaxing and healing experience.

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